Fuze Spaces

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Design & Front-End Development
Fuze is the leading cloud communications platform for the enterprise. It's an all-in-one platform that enables a seamless transition between calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing.

My role

My role and responsibilities like at LiveMinutes were to design screens and features and then make the integration and front-end development.


Our startup LiveMinutes had just been acquired by Fuze and I was working as a web designer from Paris.

The idea behind Fuze Spaces was to start from what we had produced for LiveMinutes with our workspaces and rework, adapt to make Fuze Spaces. The LiveMinutes team has been working on this concept for a few months.

Front-end development

I mainly worked on the integration and front-end development of Fuze Spaces, a clone version of LiveMinutes.

Design a cross spaces search

I worked on a design proposal for a cross spaces search.

The problem was that we could have a lot of workspaces. In each of these workspaces, we could have a lot of content such as notes, documents, chat conversations. Search was only possible by workspace. If you were in a workspace and wanted to find something outside, it was not possible. So I designed a search that would combine all the workspaces.

Clicking on the magnifying glass would open a search field in the middle of the screen allowing you to start typing letters. That was the easy part. I then created different versions for the results.

The last version was the most successful. It allowed to visualize the results by type - is it a document, a chat conversation, a folder, a note - to have an extract of the result but especially it allowed to see in which workspace the content is, allowing the user to easily return to the workspace.